“Where technology and entertainment are combined and tested to create a realistic and exciting next generation golfing experience.”

We partner with preexisting entertainment and restaurant venues, as well as traditional golf destinations, to complement existing spaces with our proprietary technology-driven golf entertainment solutions. Re-purposing underutilized space without need for brick and mortar construction is our specialty.

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Insanely Addictive Putting Games on a World Class Playing Surface.

Combining the ease of miniature golf with the skill and excitement of traditional golf, NextLinks Smart Green is the perfect solution to enhance your business or home. Integrating spotlights, a greenside iPad, and a world class playing surface, the NextLinks Smart Green has proven a new standard for putting, making it fun, social, and competitive.


The Simulator to Green Experience

Our solutions provide a legitimate 18-hole golfing experience on a fully enclosed footprint as small as 1,000 SF.  It can be customized and scaled up to accommodate hundreds of players concurrently. A perfect answer for various business owners looking to re-energize their pre existing revenue streams.

Our proprietary golf experience is comprised of three main features -

  1. Simulators - Participants hit tee shots and approach shots in simulators
  2. Indoor Putting Greens (live play area) - Once a participant's approach shot lands within a designated distance from the flag stick, they will finish the hole on a live play area that allows for short pitches and putts
  3. Technology - NextLinks technology connects the simulator play with the live play area. The technology pinpoints where a participant's shot landed in the simulator and directs the participant (via a spotlight) where to place the ball on the live play area before finishing the hole


NextLinks is developing innovative technology that connects golf simulators with real putting and chipping in order to create a complete indoor golf game. Its proprietary software package comprises smartphone and smartwatch apps that allow users to interact with the game, a server that runs the game and controls spotlights that indicate where in the live play area the ball should be placed, and web apps for users to create, configure, and share custom games.

Putting Greens

NextLinks has developed the manufacturing process to construct greens with the same look feel and playability as seen in traditional golf.

Using a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine, NextLinks is able to create easily implementable, one of a kind putting greens out of high density foam. These greens include areas for both pitching and putting, with playable areas of fringe and rough. Through our design process we can construct the greens to have any type of slope and break desired.


NextLinks uses golf simulators with industry standard E6 software. Our simulators not only accurately capture the trajectory of a ball off a clubface, but also have ultra-realistic graphic and precise analytics that will lead to lasting improvements in a participant's golf game.

Discover a fun and immersive social experience on a small footprint for a broad demographic.

The Putters Lounge is a state of the art facility empowered by patented lighting technology that can facilitate a myriad of putting games. Putting is the least intimidating part of golf, it's an activity that all ages and skill-levels can participate it. Users can play Golf Darts, Corn Hole, Shuffle Board, Around the World and more. Or they can design their own custom practice routine to improve their game or to come back again and again to better their own score.

NextLinks’ putting greens provide various slopes and breaks to provide an authentic golf experience. The proprietary manufacturing process allows our putting greens to have the same look, feel and playability seen on a traditional
 golf course.

The Big Picture

Our Vision For Future Stand Alone Venues

Real Golf on Two Acres

3,000 sqft. Facility

10,000 sqft. Facility

40,000 sqft. Facility

Take a closer look at the vision for different sized spaces, visit the Gallery.

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